How To Save Money When It Comes To A Function

So you’ve got your function room hired in Melbourne – only to realise that the price might have dented your budget a little bit. Now, you love the function room and want to keep it, but you know that you’ll have to be making cuts elsewhere to ensure that you can keep everything within your budget, as well as ensuring that can still enjoy your party. Without too many more paragraphs, here are the best tips on the internet when it comes to saving money on your function:

Bring Your Own Food

Food can be the biggest killer of any budget. So, why not cook your own food and create your own stunning dishes? Cooking your food will save you plenty of money down the line, as well as helping you cater meals for your guests!

Chart Up Your Own Playlist

DJs and bands can be a big hit on your finances when it comes to your party budget. So why not scrap the whole hiring business and load up your own playlist? Many people these days are looking at creating their own party playlists, filled with the latest, or oldest music around. Better yet, you can cater your playlist to your party theme. Many corporate function venues have plugs for stereos so you can set it all up. So there is no questioning that you will have complete free reign when it comes to playing your own music at your party (to suit your guests of course!).

Chairs & Tables Come From Your Home

Why spend money on chairs and tables if you can bring them from home? When it comes to these things, it is easier to bring it from home then not. While some heavy lifting is required, there is no drama needed when it comes to bringing in as many tables and chairs as you need. Bring as many as you need for your guests, and you’ll save plenty on your bottom line.

Minimise The Guestlist

We don’t want to some cruel or anything, but sometimes in a bid to ensure that your function can run as smoothly as possible, and keep costs down, you might have to cull your guestlist. Now, we are not saying go hectic and get rid of everyone. We are saying: look through your list and assess the people that you really want at your party. From there, build up and slowly remove those that you don’t want on the list. It might be harsh on them, but it will help you manage your party easier, as keep the group happy together.If you are looking for Sydney dinner restaurants, Contact us today.

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